GOOG’s price-to-sales ratio: A comparative analysis with its peers

Alphabet Inc (GOOG)’s stock has witnessed a price hike of 0.14% from the previous close with its current price standing at $153.85. Its current price is -0.58% under its 52-week high of $154.76 and 73.14% more than its 52-week low of $88.86. Based on the past 30-day period, the stock price is -0.95% below the […]

The Alphabet Inc (GOOG) Stock Is Headed for a Correction

In the current trading session, Alphabet Inc’s (GOOG) stock is trading at the price of $144.50, a gain of 0.58% over last night’s close. So, the stock is trading at a price that is -1.47% less than its 52-week high of $146.66 and 62.62% better than its 52-week low of $88.86. Based on the past […]

5 Best Drone Stocks to Buy in 2022

In the current day and age, drones are proving themselves to be useful and popular in a variety of fields, which is why drone stocks are in such high demand. In many areas, drones play a vital role in many different aspects of life including military services, agriculture, surveillance, delivery, search and rescue, wildlife monitoring, […]