Why Has Digihost (DGHI) Stock Price Risen In Today’s Session?

Digihost Technology Inc. (Nasdaq: DGHI) has seen a significant boost in its stock price following the release of an update regarding its power plant acquisition. As of the latest trading session, the company’s shares had climbed by 7.46% and were trading at $1.92. What has DGHI provided as an update? Digihost (DGHI) recently gave an […]

Cemtrex (CETX) Stock Jumped 9% After-Hours Wednesday, Why?

As of our most recent check in after-hours trading, Cemtrex Inc. (NASDAQ: CETX) was up 9.44% to trade at $0.1785 on the charts. Despite the paucity of current news, analyzing recent occurrences will help you comprehend the CETX better. CETX, what has lately occurred? This month, Cemtrex (CETX) announced the appointment of Shane Compton as […]

Why Has ICAD Stock Fallen Pre-Market Session?

After signing a strategic partnership, iCAD Inc (Nasdaq: ICAD) dropped -5.26% to $1.80 in pre-market trading hours on Tuesday. ICAD has ratified which contract? In order to include Google Health’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology in its portfolio of breast imaging AI products, iCAD Inc. (ICAD) announced a strategic development and commercialization collaboration with Google Health. […]

Why Is Kalera (KAL) Stock Surging In Pre-Market Session Today?

At the time of our last check, Kalera Public Limited Company (NASDAQ: KAL) shares were up 22.22% to $0.099 in pre-market trading as the vertical farming business prepared to release its quarterly results. When will KAL make its financial information public? On Monday, November 14, 2022, following the close of business, Kalera (KAL) will announce […]

What Led The SaverOne (SVRE) Stock To Increase In Extended Trading On Thursday?

After the business conducted an investor event, shares of SaverOne 2014 Ltd (NASD: SVRE) were up 8.00% at the last check in after-hours trading. What event did SVRE host? SaverOne (SVRE) had a webinar and video conference call yesterday using Zoom, beginning at 9:00 a.m. ET (16:00 Israel time). Prior to the webinar, investors emailed […]

How Come LogicBio (LOGC) Stock Is So Hot Right Now?

After receiving a takeover offer, LogicBio Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: LOGC) stock is soaring 643.11% to trade at $2.03 per share in the current market. LOGC stock closed the previous session at $0.27. What is the bid that LOGC received? In today’s announcement, Alexion, an AstraZeneca Rare Disease company, announced that it had signed a definitive […]

What Is Lowering Codiak BioSciences (CDAK) Stock Pre-Market Today?

Pre-market trading saw Codiak BioSciences Inc. (CDAK) shares lower by -20.36% to $1.33 after announcing the pricing of a public offering. It fluctuated between $1.67 and $1.7908 throughout the day and closed the last session at $1.67, down -6.70% or -$0.12. What CDAK has announced? A public offering of 13,333,333 shares of common stock and […]

Smart Choice for Smart Investors? FREYR Battery (FREY)

FREYR Battery (NYSE: FREY), a Norwegian lithium-ion battery manufacturer, was given a new contract, raising the price by 8.54% to $13.73. $1.64 billion was the market capitalization. Before the opening of trade on Tuesday, August 30, FREYR Battery (FREY) announced a deal with Nidec, which is presently developing industrial energy storage solutions. This is a […]

SOFI stock: Better Than You Think

SoFi Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SOFI) was bolstered by strong second-quarter results and an increase in the profit outlook. On the trading floors on August 3, the stock increased by more than 28%. On August 4, SOFI shares were auctioned off for $8.23. SoFi Technologies is an online financial firm that offers a wide range of […]