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US Post News started out with humble beginnings, born out of a passion for fresh news and the right of readers to get ahold of valid, accredited, and accurate information. The love for distributing news and information brought a team of photographers, journalists, researchers, and correspondents together, starting out back in 1992, which consequently resulted in creating a strong media channel developed from informing the public through newspapers and television to becoming one of the internet’s top-visited news hubs. We take pride in our reports and publications, covering daily and trending news, and reports, as our team of journalists, reporters and correspondents are on the daily lookout for valuable information in the sphere of industry, finance, companies, and market. Over the course of over two decades of working on reporting and delivering information, US Post News gradually became one of the leading news and information service providers with a large user base across the states and beyond. Together, we represent an independent editorial stand with high standards, which won the attention of thousands of users that are still a part of the US Post News community even 27 years later. To get in touch with US Post News editors for press releases, publications or feedback, please use the following address(s): editor @ uspostnews.com