Shares of Solo Brands Inc. (NYSE: DTC) increased 8.60% to $4.42 on Friday after-hours on the debut of a new product.

What kind of product has DTC released?

Surround, a heat-resistant fire pit enclosure is added to the ecosystem of fire pit accessories by Solo Stove, a home and outdoor lifestyle brand in the Solo Brands (DTC) portfolio. The Surround was developed by Solo Stove as a 360° Protective Barrier and additional safety precaution against errant fingers, shaky feet, and roaming paws. Surround’s sleek and contemporary design enhances any backyard’s attractiveness in addition to its safety features.

Solo Stove fire pits burn extraordinarily hot due to increased airflow; on average, temperatures within a Solo Stove are 400 degrees higher than those of a typical open fire. One of the foundations for a smokeless flame and a better campfire experience is this tremendous heat. As a result, the Solo Stove fire pit’s exterior walls also heat up considerably. Children, animals, or anybody using a fire pit are shielded from unintentional contact with the fire pit’s exterior walls by the surround.

Surround was built by Solo Stove, specialists in superior airflow, from powder-coated perforated steel and outdoor-rated UV fabric barriers. The Surround’s surface may be cooled down by cold air passing freely through the holes above and below the fire pit. Because of this, Surround can also serve as a heat-resistant tabletop that can hold everything you need for a fire pit, from beverages to a s’mores board.

Small and big versions of Surround are available to accommodate the Ranger and Bonfire fire pits, respectively, and Yukon and Canyon, respectively. Surround may be stacked with any of the current Solo Stove fire pit accessories and is compatible with both Fire Pit 1.0 and 2.0 versions.

The consumer is the focus of every product that Solo Brands develops and markets. Surround not only offers DTC consumers comfort in knowing that their loved ones are protected, but it also improves the areas where they congregate. It is a sturdy resting area for beverages and accessories and is made to last.

DTC will publish its financial results:

The third quarter fiscal 2022 financial results for Solo Brands (DTC) will also be announced on November 10, 2022, prior to the market opening. At 9:00 a.m. ET, DTC will have a conference call to go through its financial results.

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